1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-12191W$24.00ULINE



1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-12191W$24.00ULINE

ULINE is a renowned company that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality packaging materials. One of their popular offerings is the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags, specifically the White 4 x 12" variant. These bags come in a carton of 1,000 pieces and are available for purchase at $24.00.

The primary purpose of the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags is to provide a convenient and effective packaging solution for various industries and individuals. The bags are primarily designed to hang on doorknobs or other similar structures, allowing easy access for recipients. With dimensions of 4 x 12 inches, these bags are spacious enough to accommodate various items, including flyers, leaflets, brochures, and even small promotional items.

One of the key features of the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags is their construction using high-quality materials. The bags are made from durable polyethylene, ensuring their strength and resistance against tearing or puncturing. The 1.5 mil thickness adds an additional layer of protection, making them suitable for transportation and delivery purposes. Despite their robust nature, these bags are still lightweight and easy to handle.

The white color of the bags not only gives them a clean and professional appearance but also allows for easy visibility of the contents. This is especially beneficial for businesses or organizations that utilize these bags for promotional or informational purposes. The white background allows any graphics or text to stand out, effectively grabbing the attention of recipients.

The doorknob feature of these bags is what sets them apart from other packaging options. The integrated doorknob hanger is strategically positioned on the bag, making it simple to hang on doorknobs or other similar structures with ease. This design ensures that the bags remain securely in place until they are retrieved by the intended recipient. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses involved in door-to-door marketing or distribution, allowing them to reach their target audience effectively.

The carton of 1,000 pieces is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that require a significant quantity of these bags for their operations. ULINE offers the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags at an affordable price of $24.00 per carton, making them a cost-effective solution for packaging needs. Additionally, ULINE's reputation for delivering excellent customer service further enhances the value proposition of these bags as customers can rely on their reliability and efficiency in fulfilling orders.

As with all ULINE products, the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" exemplify the commitment to quality that the company is known for. ULINE ensures that every step of the manufacturing process adheres to stringent quality control standards, resulting in consistent and reliable products. Customers can trust that these doorknob bags will meet their expectations in terms of durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

In conclusion, the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" from ULINE are an excellent packaging solution for various industries and individuals. With their durable construction, convenient doorknob hanger, and ample size, these bags are perfect for distributing flyers, leaflets, brochures, and other promotional materials. ULINE's commitment to quality ensures that customers receive a reliable and cost-effective packaging solution. Whether you are a small business owner or involved in door-to-door marketing campaigns, the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" are a reliable and practical choice.

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